The STEP in STEPBible stands for “Scripture Tools for Every Person”, and its purpose is to give people who may not have theological or Bible language training the ability to research deeply into the Bible for themselves. 

Using the powerful search facility, users can look up a Bible passage in any of 58 English translations, or 364 translations in other languages. If you’d like to see what a passage says in different translations, you can compare passages in columns, or line-by-line. Alternatively, you can see the entry for your passage in one of the 27 commentaries available through STEPBible. 

Even if you’ve never read original Bible languages before, with STEPBible you can find out what a particular word is in the original Hebrew or Greek, a definition of it, and where else in the Bible it has been used. 

Because we want to offer these tools to every person in the world, STEPBible is accessed through a deliberately simple interface. It can be downloaded and operated without the internet on any PC or Mac, which makes it useable where bandwidth is low or absent. The STEPBible user interface is available in 59 languages (some still in the process of being fully translated).